Travis Taylor Blue Space 300 x 375

“Your presentation was so well received numerous people penciled in a higher rating for you of 4 as the scale topped off at 3 for Excellent. Your efforts were very much appreciated…”

CTTSO-Counter Terrorism Technical Support Office
Denise Sparks


Travis Taylor Winner 300 x 375

“Travis hit it out of the park! All of the feedback I’ve gotten was very positive. Our HQ people agree that our money was well spent. At Travis’ presentation we had a significantly larger audience than what we normally see. The numbers also stayed high for the subsequent presentations. It was a great start to a very successful event.”

Richard Henrick


Travis Taylor CT 300x375 Travis Taylor

“Best keynote I have ever heard…fantastic……..lots of positive feedback at the conference about his keynote. He was a hit and it really made the opening session unique and special.”

IHEEP-Int’l Highway Engineering Exchange Program
J.D. D’Arville